Cobbled together here is some semblence of a history of this site. Many of the deeper links no longer work, but take in the aesthetic.

My first designed online presence.

  • Hand-made logo & favicon
  • Links placed with compassrose, one of my first open source projects

Large letterform celebrating my large name.

  • UnifrakturCook still one of my favorites here
  • FitText hero.
  • Subtle Patterns influences.

Color exists. Exploration of digital textures.

  • The beginning of increased writing output
  • The first Pattern Lab era site


  • Probably my best refresh instead of rewrite

Even starker.

  • Pattern Lab burnout happened during this period
  • We move to Minneapolis
  • First use of logo purchased from David DeSandro

I cannot get this grid idea outta my head.

  • Generative grid textures
  • Emoji
  • Old writing emerges

A return to basics. I start to miss web development more and more.

  • CSS is Awesome
  • prefers-color-scheme support
  • Made with pantograph

A love-letter to wood-type. The skeuomorphism is passable.

  • Wood type
  • Houdini paintlet
  • Color themes