Open Source. Open Doors.

A long overdue update

If you've followed updates here for the last year or so, you know that I've written a book about open source software. Last summer started a period of radio silence, however. Under the most ideal of timelines, the book would be out by now.

At risk of burying the lede, I'll put it plainly: I'm looking for new publishing avenues.

By now the news is out of A Book Apart changing direction. The crush of the pandemic, tech layoffs, and changing social media dynamics really impacted them. Many projects were put on hold while they tried new things. It wasn't enough. I want to thank them for their support and transparency throughout the process.

When I pitched this book, and when it was accepted, and all along the way through writing and editing, I felt something hard to describe. ABA had been so formative in my career, and no doubt the lives of so many others. The feelings all stirred together. Validating. Intimidating. Driving. Distracting. It was this visceral need to tell a story, define a vision, and further the conversation in ways I hadn't seen before. I've continued to observe the central theories of the manuscript playing out at work, across communities, and within the broader industry. It's tempered some and reshaped parts of the manuscript. What's left is an evergreen message for this time and tomorrow.

I'll be exploring all options going forward. I want to again thank ABA for believing in me and believing in my perspective. It didn't work out this time, but I'm nothing if not persistent. So let's see what doors open, if only I think to knock.