Open Source Summit Europe Day 2

Notes from a world away

Open Source Summit EU in Bilbao, Spain : September 18th - September 21st


State of the Foundation

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, LF

"Humble, Helpful, Hopeful"

800,000 developers across all projects "The sky is always falling" - but we work through it.


AI in Open Source

Creating Sustainable Value

Sovereign Tech Fund

"strengthening digital infrastructure and open source ecosystems in the public interest"

Node.js What's Next?

Jean Burellier, Michael Dawson, Node.js

Following What's Next

Recent Features


New Teams and Initiatives

How to Get Involved

Improving the Security of a Major Open Source Project : Open Step at a Time

Michael Dawson, Rafael Gonzaga

Reactive - the life of a CVE


How you can help


  1. contribute as a collaborator
  2. volunteer as a releaser
  3. champion wg initiative
  4. join the working group
  5. volunteer
  6. contribute to issuesa


  1. reward people for contributing! triage, etc
  2. reward people for being a security expert
  3. implement vulnerability reporting policies with considerations for open source projects
  4. join a foundation
  5. contribute to LFD bug bounty security fund

OSPOs and Engineering Effectiveness

Nithya Ruff, Amazon & Mary Wang, Volvo Car Corporation

Volvo Case Study

Roles and Resp.

Training Model


internal portal

see screenshot

OSS Contribution

current challenges


Amazon Case Study

OSS Champions, what are they?

How do you get buyin from leadership to centralize compliance?

How do you get leadership buyin to allow folks to do this % of time?


SPDX 3 rc with more use cases