Open Source Summit Europe Day 1

Notes from a world away

Open Source Summit EU in Bilbao, Spain : September 18th - September 21st

Keynotes Day 1

This year's hot topics:

Open Source is not just about (big) tech. LF helps with networking, automotive, film, financial, energy, insurance, and agriculture. These verticals cannot achiever digital transformation without OSS.

Survey in EU OSS

Networking News

Public Sector

Open Euler

aside: invented graph theory Seven Bridges of Konigsberg - OSS goals, be so impactful that people name projects after you. congrats tanstack.

Open Wallet


Thrive with Clean Code

Keeping Open Open

The Evolving OSPO

lots of challenges. all eyes are on open source. its all of our jobs to educate our peers.

Demonstrating OSPO Value

A panel discussion on OSPO Metrics


narrative from numbers to story, and vice-versa

what are the tools you use to get data or create measurements?

what are some of the usecases for these tools?


how did you grow from 8 to 30?

how do you keep people from gaming metrics?

we want to measure contributions without tying to performance?

how do you educate teams to put extra effort into open source instead of the product model?

what metrics help at the executive level

How Can Your OSPO Drive Open Source Business Value for Your Organization?

Masae Shida, VMware

Why align open source business strategy?

open source business models

open source commercialization

community as future customers

strategic development approach

competitive technology

final thoughts


what advice do you have for evaluating dependencies?

how do OSPOs handle AI?