Open Source Grover

show up

Open source software is improved as a movement when we all participate. But putting that thought into action can feel ill-defined or too large a task if we let it. I'm pretty passionate about changing these concerns. I've written a book about it. The participation that projects crave comes in many forms, not limited to coding.

I was reminded again of the spectrum of engagement when watching Sesame Street. There's this ongoing series where Grover is a bumbling but good-natured superhero.

The narrator does the real work for me here.

He observes. He questions. He investigates. He shows up.

It hit me (and Grover, like an asteroid in the video) in watching these short skits. Grover is all of us. We all have the capacity. He engages. He's not passive or perfect. He knows things, contributes what he knows, and advances the problem toward resolution. It's not always a straight line.

He shows up.

What made this even sweeter an open source analogy to lean on was researching this article. The Sesame Workshop has a resource called "Super Grover's Super Pose", and below the video on the page is a set of phrases for kids to repeat:

I mean, really? This is a code of conduct if I ever saw one. It's so simple a child could understand it.

I'm going to continue trying to be an open source Grover. It won't always be pretty or perfect. But I want to participate. I want to help others participate. I want to show up, and I hope you do too.