Ham Readio

Tuning in and twittering out

If the Twitter exodus yielded any good (aside from further outing Batman as a terrible role model), it's that we should control our content and our message as if it were a resource worth preserving. I've been excited to see folks blogging again. Not only blogging, but call-and-response blogging with one another.

Call and Response

Here are two examples:

and also:

The second chain ain't as long, but I can time travel to make it longer, because it links directly to thoughts Salma Alam-Naylor has had earlier with Should I write a new JavaScript framework? and updated herself via I changed my mind about writing new JavaScript frameworks. I find a lot of value in these conversations. I am grateful for those that spend the time to put them to paper rather than on blast within brittle social media.

Ham Readio with RSS

RSS and the linkability of H T M L are helping me keep up to date on these messages. It's easy to miss a single node on a busy week, but a durable network of folks talking with one another can withstand entropy. The short-burst messaging of these blogs is nice too. Only a couple of paragraphs in some cases, but enough to articulate a thought in a novel context. Something I can consume with coffee or between meetings (or during meetings).

Let's all invest in ourselves, each other, and the ham readio economy.