My typical day (March 321st)

A time capsule of the pandemic

Inspired by Dave Rupert’s post.

5-6AM I usually wake between 5 and 6AM, with healthy snoozing. I will catch up on news and newsletters, email or fun coding. This being the only consistent time that doesn’t impact family life—I sometimes game. My go-to is Battlegrounds, which I enjoy as an FPS but also as a game I can play despite frustrating wrist issues that Halo or anything twitchier seems to exacerbate.

To make my point about PUBG being forgiving for my wrist: there was a match I played recently where I only fired two shots (and won).

6-9AM I start my work day, and focus on unblocking the rest of my team by conducting code reviews and performing admin tasks. If time allow I dive deeper into a task of my own.

9-10AM Our late-start COVID distance learning schedule reverted us back into a summer mindset of sorts. We stay up a bit later and therefore sleep in—at least the kids and Megan. Sometime in here we have breakfast. I usually scarf, get dressed, and get back to work.

10-11AM Team telepresence. We hang out mostly, but always end the hour with our standup.

11AM-12PM Lunch. I often run an errand or get caffeine for me and Megan.

1-4PM Work. Usually more heads-down or dedicated pairing.

4-5PM I wrap up work and go outside with the boys. Megan gets her walk in. It’s an essential bit of escape for her.

6-7PM Dinner & bathing. Dave has it right; the kids usually don’t last long but they are champion grazers.

7-8PM Kids ready for bed with chores done === screen time. We usually end up watching youtube and PBS while I glowforge and my wife designs or fulfills orders for her Etsy shop. Our common living space is a combination family room / craft corner—much nice than the 70’s-style bar it used to be.

9PM Kids in bed after apples and bed time stories.

10PM-12AM Mommy and Daddy time.