We told the whole family at once about Megan expecting. We won't soon forget how some have reacted... but I want to capture how each of you responded then and since:

Since, all of you have maintained interest in baby and support for your mother, who is debilitatingly sick still even at almost the second trimester. Max is cooking and watching Ben a lot. Jack seems to think the baby will be here next week. He named Addy's girl Leopardinator so what could go wrong?

We have a pool for boy or girl. We will find out soon, having elected for additional bloodwork sure to Megan's geriatric state at 34... 😆 Team girl is in the lead... Stay tuned! 2/22/22 is the current due date.

And yes, I told Megan that these events could complicate "Boy, This is Hard." That's okay with me.